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History and present time of museum building

Two-floor house with a high attic roof and a rich late baroque entrance portal is typical for original housebuilding of Nový Bor. It was built for Johann Christopher Socher, one of local glass exporters, who had sold Bohemian glass prosperously for 13 years before in Mexico. Disposition of the house basement shows the second building on this place. An original, wooden house was built by Josef Schneider, a master carpenter, before 1759. In the 1820´s Socher sold the house to Stephan Rautenstrauch and it was owned by this family, members of the most important glass export company in Nový Bor, until 1939. In 1952 the town council decided with respect to history of the house to situate the glass museum there. In period 1998 – 1999 the house was completely reconstructed.

In 2011 the town of Nový Bor got a leading partnership in the project „ Czech – Polish Glass Tradition Revival“ and established cooperation with Muzeum Karkonoskie in Jelenia Góra. Thanks to finance funds from this project, the glass museum was extended with a new two-floor building, which connects the original house and the house number 105 Kalinova Street. Besides a new suitable store for exhibits – depositary, there is also a new representative hall for short-term exhibitions.